Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advice to a Son

Forgive my silence in blogland. I am spinning more plates than usual these days!

Today is an unusual post.

Our middle son, who is a senior this year, brought home a request from his English IV teacher. They are studying Hamlet. Early in the play a fahther offers advice to a son who is about to leave home. The teacher thought it would be great to offer advice to our children who are about to head off into the big world. Thought I would share. I took out the mushy, personal things that remain sacred, but left the eight advice points. It was a great exercise for me to define this on paper as well and might inspire you to do the same for yourself or your children.

1. God – His Will. His Ways. His Word. His Wonder. Never lose sight of these things. A friendship with God is what life is built upon. He will fight for you and love you even when you fight with Him.

2. Family – The second layer life is built upon. Stay connected with your parents. Your brothers. And then choose wisely who you will build your family with.

3. Faith – Live out your faith by serving in a local church to remain connected to the bigger family you are a part of. The church is God’s body moving in the world. His hands – His feet.

4. Friends – Choose them wisely because they will make or break you. Have some that will call you up higher. Have a few that you have to reach down to pull up. Have the courage to befriend those who are different than you – but remain strong enough that they don’t change what you believe – only how you live what you believe.

5. Career – Seek God for His plan. Obey and follow Him in the now and with each step He will reveal your next step. The doors of opportunity swing on itty bitty hinges called obedience. Be prepared when opportunity rises up to meet you on your road of hard work and discipline.

6. Love – The girl you date is the potential mate. This should bring harmony with God and if God is in harmony with her, then your family will be as well. Pray for her. She should love Jesus more than you and be in passionate pursuit of God’s plan for her life.

7. Money – can be the root of all evil or the fruit with which you nourish the world. Spend some on yourself, save more for a rainy day and share with those in need. Money can buy things that should never define you, but things do not last into eternity. Make more eternal investments than temporary ones.

8. The Poor – serve the poor. Stay connected to people who have little in this world because it will always keep you in an attitude of gratitude about what YOU have.

9. Remember the BIGGER PICTURE. Your story is all woven in HIS STORY and PLAN.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Wow!! What wonderful advice! I think most of us will benefit hugely by reading this. Thanks for your willingness to share it here.

Have missed you! HOpe you are doing well. It has been crazy with me too. I've been to Israel this month and launched my Bible study! Yes, CRAZY, but good.

Take care,


elawhorn said...

What words of wisdom you have given your son and shared with us. They reflect your beautiful heart for Him. Thanks for posting them for us, they pretty much list what we should all pray for our own children.