Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year - A Revolution

In 2011 I felt little motivation to blog. It began to feel very useless to me – the scattering of one's thoughts out into cyberspace. So many words spoken and written over the course of even one minute. So it just seemed pointless in my mind to add to them.

I was weary of all of the posturing and arguing - dissecting politics and theology. I became extremely weary of religion in general because it's like a weed that crowds out the very best in us – crowding out God himself. Religion suffocates. Strangles the very life out of the soul who was truly designed for so much more than vain arguments and power plays.

So I took a big step back and just began to watch life play out with new eyes – a brand-new perspective on God and the relationship I have with the One who created me. It's been quite a journey. God has become extremely expansive and intimately near. He is the greatness that orchestrates every facet of this amazing planet – the Divine Choreographer of what we call life. Sadly his Symphony was drowned out by my own internal noise – the longing for success, the desire to measure up, and perpetual need to sound like I had answers.

Today I rest peacefully in the tension that exists between the question-and-answer. I'm witness to the beauty of the chaos of life. Especially a life of active, intentional faith.

I've used a lot of words in my life – I'm a real talker. And sometimes I think when you lump all of us Christians up together there's a lot more jabbering than action. All the while a world looks on – in a perplexed sort of way – wondering what we are really up to. I've wasted time debating when I should've been doing. Serving. Giving. And I've missed the point Christ was trying to make while he walked on this planet Earth. I'm to follow what he taught – looking to his example and living it out.

For the last seven years I've walked inside a women's prison every week. They have been my teachers. Showing me how to love with patience while leaving the rest in God's hands. The noise of religion – the perfectly engineered answers and legalistic expectations – has been silenced. And the beautiful sounds of authenticity in God's presence have brought such liberty to this captive soul.

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions. Why waste my time as I know myself better than that. But I do want to begin a revolution in this New Year. I believe a simple smile can start a movement. Kindness, when it's least expected, becomes a powerful weapon. I believe looking like Christ is far better than sounding like a Christian. And I want to be about the business of looking more and more like Him. He was, and is after all, a revolutionary!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Amen!! I'm pretty sure most Christians are more about jabber than action. I know i have been guilty of that. Glad you posted.

Stella said...

Wow!!! That was powerful. So glad I've been witness to your journey. Love you.

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Brenda said...

I've just happened upon your blog, and I'm excited to read more. You've expressed in words exactly how I feel. I'm so tired of in a town of 1200 people with 10 churches can do that to a person. There is so much more that 'Christians' can have in Christ if they'll allow. I prefer to be called Christ-like since the term Christian has become so watered down.
I see I've talked your 'ear' off...oops!